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5 Way Battery Cabinet

Inverter & battery cabinet.

5 Way Cabinet 4A (without FedEx and DHL branding).png

Masterfully hand-crafted in the United Kingdom with a keen eye for exceptional design and unparalleled quality. This cabinet is the essence of what high-tech and sophistication should look and feel like. The iconic Sunsynk emblem is seamlessly integrated into the textured grey and black finish, creating a warm and inviting aesthetic that will complement any cutting-edge installation. 

Designed to maximise space utilisation and simplify installation, this cabinet comes flat-packed for easy transportation and features six interlocking sides that can be assembled in under two minutes with ease.

Standing just over 100cm, it can secure and protect up to 5 or 4 batteries and 1 rack-mount inverter, making it an ideal solution for compact spaces requiring efficient power backup. Its interlocking sides ensure a secure and durable build, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your batteries and inverter.

Overall, this slim and sophisticated battery cabinet is a testament to the high-tech and advanced engineering permeating all Sunsynk brand aspects.

Downloads coming soon

Downloads coming soon


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