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Innagator Series

State-of-the-art power & energy storage system.

5Ft and 10Ft Container 2.png

The Innagator Series is a high-voltage lithium-ion battery system with a wide temperature operating range, offering ultimate flexibility. It provides a reliable backup power supply for supermarkets, banks, schools, farms, small factories and more, to smooth the load curve and achieve peak load demand.


This pioneering system guarantees efficient energy storage, management, and distribution, providing answers to numerous power challenges that are prevalent in today’s world. 

It has been meticulously engineered to enable mass production. Its modular internal construction significantly reduces the costs associated with scaling and maintenance, once the initial unit has been procured.


Available in three different sizes to accommodate varying power requirements and space availability. This product’s design and capabilities demonstrate the innovation and foresight of Sunsynk Mobile in anticipating and responding to the energy needs of the future.

Downloads coming soon

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