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Portable power where you need it.

Coming soon.

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Introducing the awe-inspiring Terra by Sunsynk Mobile! Get ready for a silent, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly alternative to the dreaded diesel generator. 


With its unique design and durable hard-wearing rubber wheels, the Terra is entirely manoeuvrable, allowing you to move it around swiftly with ease. Its 8.8kW inverter and 15kWh batteries run at full capacity, making it easy to plug in your electric power tools without any hassle.

But that's not all - the Terra is a custom-built cabinet that contains a hybrid inverter and lithium-phosphate batteries, making it easy to charge via a mains input. With the Terra, you can say goodbye to rental, servicing and fuel costs that usually come with the standard generator. Terra is maintenance-free and easy to set up, allowing you to use only what you need, thus lowering your costs massively!


Terra by Sunsynk Mobile is perfect for building sites, remote maintenance, and anyone who needs silent and eco-friendly power on the go. Don't let traditional generators hold you back - make the switch to Terra and experience the benefits of an efficient, budget-friendly, and sustainable power source!


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