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All-in-one, plug-&-play and expandable.

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The Loadshedder meets your energy needs now and in the future.

As the demand for sustainable living and cost-efficient energy solutions continues to skyrocket, Sunsynk Mobile are proud to introduce the Loadshedder - simplifying the world of solar energy, all at a price comparable to that of a smartphone. 

An all-in-one module with plug and play connections, the Loadshedder is designed

with simplicity in mind to ensure a hassle-free installation process.

The Loadshedder '2' model features a 2.5kW hybrid inverter with a 2kWh battery. ​​

The '4' model offers a 3.6kW hybrid inverter along with a 3.84kWh battery for those seeking more power.

The newly developed '5' model boasts an impressive 5.5kW hybrid inverter and a 5.22kWh battery for those with higher energy demands. 

As your energy needs grow, the Loadshedder grows with you. The system easily expands, supporting parallel connections with up to 6 modules, and can also seamlessly integrate with traditional solar storage batteries for enhanced scalability and flexibility.

Loadshedder has verified compatibility with three external batteries:

SUN-BATT-5.32, SUNSYNK-L5.1, L051069-A


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